Device for Holding Trash Bags and Facilitating Trash Pick-up

This invention is an apparatus that holds two trash can liners open without the use of a trash can.

  • Aids in Trash Pick Up
  • X-Shaped One Way Membrane
  • Attaches to Belt for Easy Carrying
  • Shoulder Straps to Distribute Weight Evenly
  • Hoops Keeps Liner Open
  • Eliminates Need to Hand Carry Trash Bag


Utility Patent #8,770,454

Story Behind the Invention

There are times when trash must be gathered and collected over a large physical area. An example of this is when picking up leaves, twigs and other yard waste. Another is when workers must pick up trash and litter from parks or the roadside. Such situations require the collector to carry both a receptacle and a liner, which can quickly become quite burdensome. It is also common for the collector to use long tongs as a collection aid. This means that the user must touch the refuse when removing it from the collection aid to place it inside the trash receptacle. This extra step not only takes time, but exposes the worker to germs and other hazardous materials. Inventor Lutz has created a means by which trash can be picked up and collected over wide area in a manner that addresses the above concerns.

This clever new invention aids in trash pick up. It features a belt attachment for hands free work, and a shoulder strap that distributes trash weight evenly. Additionally, the hoop attachment keeps the liner open during pick up. The use of the Device for Holding Trash Bags and Facilitating Trash Pick-up allows one to quickly pick up trash and contain it within a trash can liner in a manner which is quick and easy.

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