Personal Watercraft Stabilizer

The invention is a device thathelps stabilize small watercraft when trolling against the wind.

  • Mounts to Rear of Boat Hull
  • Stabilizes Small Boats From Random Winds
  • Reduces Boat Movement While Fishing
  • Interchangeable to Multiple Boats
  • Ideal for Fishing in Deep or Shallow Waters


Utility Patent 8,430,047

Story Behind the Invention

InventorJames C. Dill of McCurtain, OK has developed adevice that helps stabilize small watercrafts in windy conditions.

After thefishing rod and tackle box, the fishing boat is the next most common piece ofequipment used in fishing.  Boats, suchas flat bottom boats and Jon boats, are easily maneuverable, stable, andprovide a large amount of room for multiple fishermen.  However, such boats are prone to being easilyblown about by even slight winds.  Tocombat this effect, the boat occupant must constantly adjust the trollingmotor.  This effort not only takes awayfrom the enjoyment of fishing, but repeated trolling motor activity tends toscare away the fish.  Inventor Dill has created a means by which small boatmovement can be reduced in an effort to contest common aggravations andfrustrations.

Thisclever new invention easily mounts to the rear of a boat hull.  It stabilizes small boats from windyconditions and prevents excessive trolling activity.  Additionally, since the invention is easy toinstall and uninstall it is interchangeable on multiple boats. Finally, theinvention is ideal for deep and shallow water alike.  The use of the PersonalWatercraft Stabilizer provides fishermen the ability tostabilize their boats against random wind movements.

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