Personal Lock Out Box with Timer

The invention is a device that holds small items in a locked container for specific periods of time giving theuser more control over indulgent urges.

  • Timer Varies from Minutes to Months
  • Impossible To Open
  • Batteries Located In The Box
  • Caps Power Cord to Prevent Overuse
  • Prevents Impulse Actions
  • Pocket Size 


Utility Patent #8,950,223

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sean Joyce of Toronto, ON has designed a device that holds a variety of small items in a locked container for specific periods of time, which gives the user more control over indulgent urges.

Daily life is filled with many distractions for all of us. While most of these distractions are necessary to help keep a balance of work and play in our lives, many people may allow some of these distractions to take control of their lives. Age is typically not a factor in the amount of distraction time, although the distractions may change over time. Young children may spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the television or computer, while adults may spend too much time on their phones or maxing out their credit cards. Inventor Joyce has created a means by which physical items that create distractions and cause unlimited impulse usage can be controlled.

This clever new invention features a timer that can vary from minutes to months. The box is impossible to open once the timer is set, which keeps people away from their physical distractions. The invention can either be powered by batteries located inside the box or a power cord. The use of the Personal Lock Out Box with Timer allows one to increase their self control over distractions of daily life in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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