Personal Item Holster

The invention is a holster to protect personal items.

  • Secure & discreet
  • Carries bills, credit cards & like items
  • Worn under clothing
  • Adjustable for different sizes
  • Excellent for joggers
  • Increases safety & security

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Matthew Hordos and Fran Hordos of Raymore, SK have developed a means by which personal items can be more safely and discreetly carried.

Women often use purses when out in public places for the purposes of carrying personal items, such as wallets, credit cards, cell phones, checkbooks, keys, and other important items. Similarly, men carry these same items in their pockets. Obviously, such a large amount of valuable items in the same location makes them a target for purse snatchers or pickpockets. While some products like passport holders or pocketed belts offer some protection, they are often too small to provide adequate space to carry all valuable objects. Inventors Hordos have created a solution to this problem by inventing a larger carrying device with additional pouches for carrying personal items.

This clever new invention provides a discreet means to carry bills, credit cards, cell phones, and similar items so as to increase safety and security by eliminating the use of easily stolen holding means, including purses and wallets. Although it is well-suited for everyone, it is especially useful for joggers who cannot carry items in a conventional fashion. The invention is worn under clothing and is adjustable for different sizes. The use of the Personal Item Holster allows one to venture out in public without the security risks of purses or pocket-carried wallets, yet allows users to discreetly carry necessary valuables.

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