Personal Eating Tray

This invention is a neck-mountedpersonal eating tray designed to facilitate eating by a person away from atable.

  • Holds Food
  • Lip Prevents Spills
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • Can be Made in Many Colors
  • Ideal for Home, Automobile & Hospital Settings

Story Behind the Invention

InventorRobert Laird of Wapwallopen, PA has created aneck-mounted personal eating tray designed to assist a person eating away froma table.  

In our fast andmodern world people are finding it difficult to take the time to sit at thetable and eat. Where it once was the case that families gathered around thedining room table for meals, it is now quite often that many family members areaway from home during traditional mealtime hours.  Not having access to a table for eatingpurposes can become extremely complicated. Spills and crumbs are almost assured, which results in stains onclothing, vehicle upholstery, and carpeting. Inventor Laird designed a means bywhich people can easily eat while away from the conventional dining table.

This clever new invention consists of afood tray with a lip to prevent spills and an adjustable neck strap tofacilitate use by multiple sized users. The tray is designed to easily and conveniently hold food and drink.  It can be used anywhere, but would be most usefulin automobiles, homes, and hospitals.  Theuse of the Personal Eating Tray providesa simple solution for eating away from a table in a manner that is quick, easy,and effective.

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