Pen with Alligator Clip

Our Pen with Alligator Clip eliminates the frustration associated with losing your pen. This unique design has a small alligator clip which can clip to a shirt, belts, or folder.

  • Clips to Shirt or Folders
  • Clip Covers Provide Personalization
  • Clip Has Rubber Pads to Prevent Damage
  • Move Freely Without Worry
  • Great for Contractors, Nurses & Teachers


Design Patent #D708,264

Story Behind the Invention

For many people, especially those in the professional field, losing pens can be a common annoyance. In addition to being aggravating, misplacing ones pen can also look unprofessional. Also bothersome, pens tend to fall out of pockets should a person bend over. Inventor Roundy has created a means to attach pens for both easy access and accountability.

This clever new invention clips to shirts, belts, or folders. Clips have rubber pads to prevent damage on clothing. Clip covers allow for personalization. With the clip in use, one can move freely and without worry. It is great for contractors, nurses and teachers. The use of the Pen with Alligator Clip conveniently secures pens to ones clothing or personal items in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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