Portable Computer With Adjustable Monitor

This invention allows one to use anotebook computer in an overall ergonomically correct seating position nomatter the work environment.

  • Great For Mobile Environments
  • Adjustable Screen Height & Angle
  • Improves Ergonomic Usability
  • Reduces Neck Strain
  • Allows For Fixed & Adjustable Hinges 


Utility Patent 8,390,997

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Brenda Dominy and Ken Dominy of  Victoria,BC, Canada, present their patent pendingcomputer with height-adjustable screen intended to improve ergonomic usability.

Improvements in technology havedriven down prices notebook computers, and thus made them more popular thanever.  Even though the notebook computerprovides undoubted convenience, it is not without its shortcomings.  One in particular is that the fixedconfiguration of a notebook screen often forces ergonomic compromises.  This is most apparent when the computer isactually used in a mobile environment; placed on a users lap, or propped atopany auxiliary surface.  Not only doesthis force a user to hunch over the screen, but any glare on the screen maynecessitate even further adjustment. Inventors Dominy have developed acomputer screen for notebook computers which tilts as well as verticallyadjusts.  Thus, the screen is infinitelyadjustable with respect to height and angle.

This clever new invention is idealfor any notebook computer.  It is greatfor mobile environments where the notebook computer may be adjusted to numerousdifferent positions.  It is adjustable inscreen height and angle; essentially reducing neck strain.  Ultimately, use of the PortableComputer With Adjustable Monitor improves ergonomic usability.

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