Partitioned Planter

Our Partitioned Planter is truly the one-size fits all solution. This specially designed planter has multiple walls which can be removed as the plant grows from seedling to full-grown plant.

  • Allows one planter throughout plant life cycle
  • Movable side walls
  • Eliminates root damage
  • Drain holes release excess water
  • Ecologically friendly


Utility Patent #8,635,808

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shawn M. Anderson of Rochester, WA has created a planter with multiple walls in which a seed, clone or cutting can expand to a full grown plant.

Flowers, shrubs and trees are a welcomed addition to any yard. Their vibrant colors combined with their unique appearance can raise the property value of any home. However, in order to boast such beautiful plants, one must first plant a seed in a small pot, which will later undergo several transplants throughout its life cycle. This process requires the user to lift the plant out of the pot, which can subject it to damage or shock. It can also cause damage to the roots themselves causing plant death. It also wastes potting soil and may even waste pots and containers if they are not re-used. Lucky for plant lovers everywhere Inventor Anderson has designed a means by which various plants can remain in the same pot throughout their life.

This clever new invention has removable side walls that allow the plant and its roots to expand over time. This eliminates the possibility of root damage and even plant death. As with traditional planters this invention also has drain holes to release excess water. Finally, since the planter saves soil and extra pots it is very eco friendly. The use of the Partitioned Planter allows for the transplanting of any type of plant in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but also improves plant life.
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