Parking Spot Marking Device

The invention is a gravity fed chalk marking device thataids in the layout of hashed lines in parking lots prior to painting.

  • Adjustable Front Rollers
  • Varied Preset Widths
  • Holds Two Chalk Marking Canisters
  • Chalk Dispersed Thru Wheel Holes
  • Speeds Layout Time

Story Behind the Invention

InventorRick G. Causey of Dexter, MO has created achalk marking device that allows for the layout of hashed lines in parking lotsprior to painting.

Having the righttool for any job is important, especially when painting parking lot lines.  Most parking lots are randomly shaped areasthat require a meticulous layout to fit as many parked vehicles aspossible.  However, areas aroundhandicapped spots, walkways, or no-parking zones are typically painted with aseries of parallel hash lines in a repeating fashion.  This layout typically requires two people andcan occupy an immense amount of time.  InventorCausey developed a means by whichparallel hashed lines can be quickly and easily laid out.

This clever newinvention holds two chalk marking canisters, has adjustable front rollers, andvaried preset widths.  The chalk isdispensed through wheel holes as the user rolls it over the desired linelocation.  The use of the Parking Spot Marking Device can be usedby a single person and speeds layout time.

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