Painters Rolling Caddie

The Painters Rolling Caddie allows users to easily push or pull supplies around a room for convenience.

  • Holds All Paint Supplies and Tools
  • Easy to Turn or Keep Straight
  • Eliminates Frequent Bending
  • Strong and Durable
  • Great for Professional Painters or Do-it-Yourselfers


Design Patent #D755,462

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven Howard, a carpenter from Glasgow, KY has created a caddie that allows users to easily push or pull supplies around a room for convenience.

While painting alone, Inventor Howard found that the extra steps and bending from retrieving his paint supplies interrupted his ability to paint and slowed down the entire task. The constant bending took its toll on his body from having to continually retrieve the paint tray and move it to a new spot while painting baseboards or along a wall. He looked online and in paint stores and home improvement stores and could not find any type of portable, lightweight, movable tray. This is when the idea for the Painters Rolling Caddie was born.

His device is large enough to hold a regular size paint tray and paint supplies. He has even knelt down on the caddie to push himself along a baseboard while painting. The caddie is easy to turn or keep straight. It eliminates frequent bending. The device is strong and durable. It is great for professional painters or do-it-yourselfers. For Inventor Howard, the improved speed of moving his paint and supplies has helped him to paint more consistently without the paint drying out or leaving lines. The caddie has saved him a great deal of wear and tear on his back and feet, too.

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