Pager and Pen Combination

The invention is a portable paging apparatus with a message recording system, housed in a conventional writing pen.

  • Audible, Tactile & Visual Alarms
  • Functional Pen
  • Digital Message Recorder
  • Compact, Low-Profile Design
  • Ideal for Health Care Providers


Patent #8,233,892

Story Behind the Invention

Nursecall systems are typically used in hospitals, nursing homes, orextended care facilities to provide for alerting and notification ofnursing staff. Such systems may typically be wired systems, whichuse a series of speakers to broadcast an audible message to onespecific nurse. Of course this message is heard by everyone,including the patients, who may find that it interferes with theirsleep, rest, and recovery. Other institutions utilize a wirelesssystem similar to that of a conventional pager in which the nurse orcare provider must call a central number, find out who was lookingfor them, and what the message is. This obviously complicates thecommunication channels and may delay time for important patienttreatment.

Inventorand nurse Ruby N. Head of Fort Walton Beach, FL,has developed a portable paging apparatus with amessage recording system, housed in a conventional writing pen. 

ThePager and Pen Combination is ideal for healthcareproviders. It has a compact, low-profile design and is fullyfunctional as both a pen and a pager. Additionally, the invention isprovided with a digital message recorder as well as audible, tactile,and visual alarms. It performs a variety of functions essential toeveryday tasks of many healthcare professionals.

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