Paddle Fan Cover

The invention is acloth or vinyl cover that encompasses a paddle fan to protect it from dust, dirt and the elements when not in use.

  • Drawstring forAdjustability
  • Keeps Fan Clean
  • Covers EntireFan
  • Fits Most SizeFans
  • Saves Money

Story Behind the Invention

InventorRobert H. Stabe, Jr. of VeroBeach, FL has created a vinyl cover thatencompasses a paddle fan, to protect it from dust, dirt and theelements, when not in use.

Ceilingfans are commonly used to improve airflow in homes and businesses allover the world. These types of fans help to reduce energy bills andprovide a more comfortable living environment. However, in thetransitional seasons between extremely cold and extremely hotweather, they sit in an inactive state. As such, the blades andmotor assemblies tend to accumulate dust and dirt. Thus, whenoperation is needed again, the user must spend time cleaning the fanassembly. Even then, a great deal of dust can enter the motor, whichmay cause premature failure of the fan. Inventor Stabehas produced a means by which ceiling fans can be protected from dustand dirt during extended periods on non-use.

This clever new invention has an adjustabledrawstring in order to ensure a snug fit over the entire fan andmotor. The cover, which is intended to fit most sized fans, safelykeeps fans clean, while saving the life of the fan and the userswallet. The use of the Paddle Fan Coverallows one to keep a ceiling fan clean during periods of extendednon-use in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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