Padded Blanket

The Padded Blanket is a protective pad for infants and toddlers to play, sleep, or crawl.

  • Tubular Foam Cushions Act as Protective Barriers
  • Can Be Used Indoors and Out
  • Ideal for Travel
  • Machine Washable
  • Carrying Case Provided

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mitzi L. Ramsay of Staunton, VA has created a protective pad for infants and toddlers to play, sleep, or crawl.

Children and infants require the utmost care in order to protect and keep them safe from harm. While there are products intended to protect infants and toddlers from a seemingly endless list of dangers, one area where physical protection has been surprisingly lacking is when the infant is simply lying upon a floor. Indoor locations expose a child to things such as dirt, hard flooring, or rough carpets. Outdoor locations pose a danger from sand, dirt, insects, chemicals, and so forth.  Inventor Ramsay has created a means by which infants and toddlers can be protected from harm when laying on the ground or the floor.   

This clever new invention features a blanket with tubular foam cushions that act as protective barriers. The blanket can be used indoors and out. It is ideal for travel. It is machine washable. A carrying case is provided. The use of the Padded Blanket allows for a protective surface for an infant or toddler to lie upon no matter their location.

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