Cleaning and Storage Unit for Pacifiers

The invention is a device that cleans and sanitizes pacifiers virtually anywhere at any time. With one hand, a parent or caregiver can simply lift the lid, insert the rubber portion of the pacifier in the hole, and push down on the pacifier reservoir activating a sponge saturated in a safe antibacterial cleaning solution.

  • Instantly Sanitizes & Stores Pacifiers
  • Protects Infants Health
  • Ideal when Water Is Unavailable
  • Simple Disassembly for Easy Cleaning
  • Regularly Changed Cleaning Solution
  • Easily Carried in Large Purse/Diaper Bag


Utility Patent #8,671,491

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dustin A. Pijor of Houma, LA has designed a device that cleans and sanitizes pacifiers.

As any parent will surely attest, a pacifier can be a real lifesaver. Satisfying the childs natural tendency to suckle, the pacifier allows a parent to satisfy the childs instinct. As with any item exposed to a child, it must be assured that it is kept clean and germ-free. However, it is extremely difficult to determine whether or not pacifier is clean or dirty by simply looking at it. Ideally, such pacifiers would be cleaned at a sink with soap and running hot water, but access to running water is often not readily available. Other times, parents may resort to placing the nipple in their mouth to remove any dirt and contaminants. However, in actuality, this only exposes the parents to germs and bacteria and leaves behind a wealth of other germs and bacteria which can result in thrush and other problems for the child. Inventor Pijor has created a means by which pacifiers can be easily cleaned and sanitized without the use of running water.

This clever new invention instantly sanitizes and stores pacifiers. It protects infants health when water is unavailable. The invention is simple to disassemble for cleaning, and can be fit in large purse or diaper bag. The use of the Cleaning and Storage Unit for Pacifiers assures children and care providers of a perfectly clean pacifier at all times without the use of running water or other cleaning aids.

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