Oyster Shucking Device

The Oyster Shucking Device is an apparatus designed to assist in the shucking of oysters.

  • Convenient Tabletop Device
  • Safely Shucks Oysters in Seconds
  • No Knives Required
  • Various Circular Openings Hold Different Size Oysters
  • Great for Restaurant or Home Use

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Earl Dean Wise, Jr. of Tifton, GA has created an apparatus designed to assist in the shucking of oysters.

Many people enjoy eating oysters. In addition to being delicious, oysters are extremely low in fat, cholesterol, and calories, while high in essential minerals. However, before an oyster can be eaten, it must be removed from its shell in a process called shucking. This process is typically performed using a knife. Even skilled users are prone to cutting themselves and shucking still takes an inordinate amount of time when one considers the amount of meat each shell provides. Inventor Wise has created a means by which oysters can be shucked in a faster process that is also simple and safe to perform.

This clever new invention is a convenient tabletop device. It safely shucks oysters in seconds. No knives are required. Various circular openings hold different size oysters. It is great for restaurant or home use. The use of the Oyster Shucking Device provides a means for anyone to shuck oysters in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe as well.

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