Oven Door Support Legs

  • Prevents Ovenfrom Tipping
  • IncreasesSafety
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Rubber CapsPrevent Floor Damage
  • Home,Restaurant & Catering Settings


Utility Patent #9,157,641.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard James Draper ofRoseville, MI has inventeda pair of self folding legs designed to support the door of an ovenwhen in an open position.

Ovensare undoubtedly one of the most commonly used of all householdappliances. It is common to use the surface of an open oven door tosupport heavy objects such as food and dishes. However, this caninadvertently lead to breaking or even tipping over the oven. Inventor Draper created the Oven DoorSupport Legs to alleviate this problem. This simple deviceautomatically provides support to the oven door, allowing those whorely on the oven door for support to use it in a safe manner.

Thisclever new invention prevents the oven from tipping in a very simple,no-hassle manner. The legs are adjustable, meaning that they can beadapted to any oven. The rubber caps on the legs are designed toprevent floor damage. This versatile tool is perfect for homes,restaurants, and even catering settings. The use of the OvenDoor Support Legs is a simple and effective way to useyour oven more safely and more easily.

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