Oven Door Heat Sensor

The Oven Door Heat Sensor is an audible alarm that warns when an oven is turned on,and also warns the user to turn it off.

  • Mounted on Handle of Oven Door
  • Sounds Alarm Whenever Heat is Detected
  • Prevents Accidents, Appliance Damage and Fire
  • Stops Unnecessary Energy Usage
  • Operated by User-Replaceable Battery


Utility Patent #9,153,113

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Diane C. Jones of Las Vegas, NV has created an audible alarm that warns when an oven is turned on, and also warns the user to turn it off.

It is a common and unfortunately all too frequent experience of finding the oven on in one's house, hours after food has been removed. This can result in using additional energy and sometimes appliance damage or even fire. Unfortunately, most ovens cannot warn the user to turn off the appliance when food is removed. Inventor Jones has created a means by which a user may be reminded that an oven is on, and to turn it off in a responsible manner.

This clever new invention is mounted on the handle of an oven door. It sounds an alarm whenever heat is detected. It prevents accidents, appliance damage and fire. It stops unnecessary energy usage. It is operated by a user-replaceable battery. The use of the Oven Door Heat Sensor prevents the all too common occurrence of accidentally leaving an oven in an operating state, thus rejecting the user from safety risks.

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