Ostomy Pouch Drainage System

The Ostomy Pouch Drainage System is an apparatus that aids in the emptying or draining of ostomy pouches.

  • Easy Emptying or Draining
  • Eliminates Mess
  • Reduces Stress on Patient or Care Provider
  • Height Adjustable
  • Removes from Toilet With Ease


Design Patent #D726,904

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Eldon Stanley Haas and Gail Maroie Fleming of Tifton, GA have created an apparatus that aids in the emptying or draining of ostomy pouches.

There are many hassles and burdens associated with the maintenance and upkeep of external excrement collection devices. These devices, often referred to as ostomy pouches, usually consist of a plastic bag-like article that fills with bodily wastes, and thus requires periodic emptying. Draining and emptying is usually performed into a toilet bowl by the patient or a care provider. Unfortunately, due to the liquid nature of the discharge, the bag must be positioned close to the bowl to eliminate splashing, sloshing, and spills. Even a few inches of separation between the discharge point and the surface of the water, can result in splash-back. Inventors Haas and Fleming have created a means by which an ostomy pouch can be easily and quickly emptied.

This clever new invention is easy to empty and drain. It eliminates mess and reduces stress on patients and care providers. It is height adjustable and removes from toilet with ease. The use of the Ostomy Pouch Drainage System allows one to easily empty ostomy bags into a toilet bowl, in a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but sanitary, clean, and ergonomically comfortable as well.

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