Offset Wrench

The invention provides grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects in tight or difficult to reach areas during repairs.

  • Helps Prevent Slippage
  • Angled on Open End
  • Offset Steel Handle
  • Perfect for Automotive Mechanics
  • Made in Standard & Metric Sizes


Design Patent D681,410

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gary Nunes of SantaMaria, CA has designed a wrench that provides mechanicaladvantages and a tighter grip.

Nothingbeats having the right tool for the job. Having the right tool cansave time, money and aggravation. Mechanics are all too familiarwith jobs that require specific tools. Often mechanics require theuse of a wrench; however, typical wrenches do not allow access intotight spaces. Even if a wrench can fit in the tight spot it is morethan likely the worker will be unable to apply enough pressure to getthe job done. Inventor Nunes has created ameans by which mechanics and other laborers can fit a wrench in atight spot and still be able to apply pressure.

Thisclever new invention offers several enhanced features overtraditional wrenches, which include an offset steel handle and angledopen end. Additionally, the new wrench allows for a tighter grip. It would be made available in standard and metric sizes, and would beideal for use by automotive mechanics. The use of the OffsetWrench allows mechanics and other workers to get thejob done in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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