Novelty Hair Clips

  • Functions Like a Normal Hair Clip
  • Shapes Are Mounted On Clip
  • Will Not Break Easily
  • Come In Decorative Colors With Glitter
  • Great For Use By All Ages

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Malgorzata Bennett of Justice, IL has designed a new look in hair accessories.

Modern fashion trends dictate an ever evolving and changing of popularity wherein the clothing and accessories that are considered cutting edge today are considered passé tomorrow.  In keeping with these trends, the industry is in a constant search for new and innovative styles that will help to define the next fashion trend.  This is an industry-wide search, not just restricted to clothing, but also including accessories such as hair clips, headbands and hair ties.   Inventor Bennett has created the next hot trend in hair accessories.  

This clever new invention functions like a normal hair clip that features various mounted shapes.  The clip will not break easily which makes it great for any age even young girls.  The clip would be made available in a multitude of decorative colors. The use of the Novelty Hair Clips would add the perfect accessory to any look for both kids and adults alike.

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