Novelty Brassiere

This invention is a brassiereprovided with cups having impressions in the shape of hands.

  • Uses Conventional Materials 
  • Available In Different Colors And Styles 
  • Ideal Wedding Shower Gift 
  • Perfect Gag Gift 
  • Fun/Sexy To Wear


Design Patent #D630,411

Story Behind the Invention

InventorAndrea M. Khaleel of Port Charlotte, FLhas developed a new brassiere style that will be sure to entertain all whoencounter it.

The novelty itemindustry is a multibillion dollar global industry that is continually growingas more and more products are developed and introduced to the buyingpublic.  This industry is somewhat uniquein the sense that it is highly susceptible to trendy products or fads.  When a product achieves a certain level ofpopularity in society, demand can skyrocket in the blink of an eye.  One aspect of this industry that isparticularly popular is that of buying unique and amusing gifts for couples,especially as gag gifts.  Inventor Khaleel has created a fun, new novelty item toadd to this market in particular.

This clever newinvention uses conventional materials similar to other brassieres, but alsoincludes impressions in the shape of human hands on the cups.  It is available in different colors and stylesto cater to all tastes.  Also, theinvention is the ideal wedding shower gift and is especially suited as aperfect gag gift.  Not only is it entertainingto receive, but it is also fun and sexy to wear.  The use of the NoveltyBrassiere provides women a brassiere which is both fun to giveand receive as a gift and is sure to be a conversation starter with all.

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