Neck and Head Rest for Infant Bath

This invention is an insert for a bath tub that holds achild during bathing or shampooing.

  • Holds Child in a ReclinedPosition
  • Keeps Head Out Of Water
  • Reduces Slips & Slides
  • Provides Reassurance & Comfort
  • Conforms To Child's Body 


Design Patent #D763,012

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Tiffany Maher and Christopher P. Maher of Newton, NJhave created an insert for a bathtub that holds a child during bathing orshampooing.

The act of washing a childin a bathtub is hectic for both the child and the caregiver. Many children havethe fear of soap, shampoo, or water in their eyes which causes them to squirmuncomfortably while the caregiver is trying to wash them. The bathtub is hardlyknown for its comfort. If the child wishes to recline in a standard tub, theymust rest their head on an edge and let their back and spine hang unsupported. Childrenwho are in this environment are also known to slip and slide about, perhapseven hitting their head. At the very least, a parent or caregiver who ishelping the child is almost guaranteed to get as wet as the child. Inventors Maher have created a means by which the childcan be bathed in a bathtub while providing greater comfort and safety for boththe child and the caregiver.

This clever new invention holdschild in a reclined position and keeps their head out of the water. It reducesslip and slides and provides reassurance and comfort. It conforms to a childsbody.  The use of the Neck and Head Rest for Infant Bath providesa means to bathe a child in a manner which is not only quick and effective, buteasy on both the child and caregiver as well.

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