Nail Filing and Contouring Device

The Nail Filing Tool aids in fingernail and toenail filing.

  • Provided With A Concave Depression
  • Perfectly Shaped Matching Nails
  • Lessens Chance Of Nail Damage
  • Multiple Sized Groves For All Nail Sizes
  • Perfect For Use In Nail Salons or Home
  • Used On Natural Or Artificial Nails
  • Easy To Use with Minimal Effort


Design Patent #D706,985

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Pauline A. Johnson of Post Falls, ID has created an apparatus to aid in fingernail and toenail filing.

The act of filing ones nails consumes a great deal of time and effort. Use of a conventional nail file is tedious, requiring that the user manually rub the abrasive edge of the instrument along the nail in an attempt to achieve a smooth, uniform appearance. This can shred the nail fibers causing microscopic fraying especially at the ends of the nails. This fraying can be greatly reduced if the user files the nails up and down rather than across. Such a filing motion adds an even greater time requirement to the filing process. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to produce an accurate and symmetrical appearance on all nails, especially those on the feet. Inventor Johnson has created a means by which fingernails and toenails can be filed in a quick, uniform, and safe manner.

This clever new invention lessens the chance of nail damage. It is easy to use with minimal effort. It can be used on natural or artificial nails. It has multiple sized grooves for all nail sizes. It is perfect for use at home or in nail salons. The use of the Nail Filing and Contouring Device allows for the filing of nails in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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