Multiple Feeding Apparatus for Pets

The invention is a device that enables the user to feed multiple animals in a Hands-Free manner.

  • Accommodates Up to Five Animals
  • Suitable for Breeders, Ranchers & Veterinarians
  • Removable Textile Cover
  • Simulates Real-World Feeding Conditions
  • Bottles are Easily Removed for Cleaning


Patent #8,186,303

Story Behind the Invention

InventorMargaret A. Willis of Anderson,MO has developed a new product designed to aidin the simultaneous feeding of multiple young pets.

Thefeeding process for young orphaned animals and the intentionalseparation process for young animals involve an extremely difficultand time consuming procedure. The usual method of feeding theseanimals one at a time is unnatural and also very difficult for thecaretaker. Inventor Willis created the MultipleFeeding Apparatus for Pets in order to help solve thisproblem. This device provides automatic hands-free feeding for agroup of young pets.

Thisclever new invention can simulate natural feeding conditions for agroup of up to five pets. The removable textile cover and easilyremovable bottles make setup and cleanup a simple process. Thisdevice is perfectly suited for use by breeders, ranchers, andveterinarians. The use of the Multiple FeedingApparatus for Pets is the perfect way to add comfortand convenience to the feeding process for both you and your pets.

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