Multi-Unit Baby Bottle Preparation Device

The invention is an all-in-one, home appliance that simultaneously prepares, mixes and heats multiple infant bottles.

  • 5-Bottle Capacity
  • Customize Each Bottles Mixture
  • Heats to Perfect Temperature
  • Saves Time
  • Eliminates Mess


Patent #8,230,774

Story Behind the Invention

InventorKaren A. Hunte of Hollywood,FL has developed an all-in-one, home appliancethat simultaneously prepares, mixes, and heats multiple infantbottles.

Thereare many trying tasks when it comes to caring for an infant,including the process of preparing a baby bottle. One must becognizant of how much water, formula and/or cereal to mix in aparticular size bottle. Additionally, the bottle needs to be heatedto an exact temperature. Each step must be completed before theinfant receives the bottle even though stress levels are high and theinfant is possibly crying. Often times baby sitters, siblings,grandparents, and/or other caregivers may imprecisely preparebottles. Inventor Hunte has developed a way inwhich baby bottles can be prepared and heated in an automated manner,thus ensuring quality and consistency.

Thisclever new invention has the capacity to hold 5 bottles, and candispense various and precise recipes depending on the infantsneeds. It maintains a safe temperature of 98F for each preparedbottle. The invention also saves the parent time and reduces themess associated with baby bottles. The use of the Multi-UnitBaby Bottle Preparation Device provides for the quickand automatic preparation of infant bottles in a manner which keepsinfants happy and reduces stress for parents.

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