Multi-Functional Measuring Tape

The invention provides one with the ability to perform accurate inside measurements with the top mounted magnifying viewing window.

  • Also Provides Functionality Of Level & Square
  • Provided With Fold-Out Arm
  • Auto-Stop Tape Strip 
  • Integral Bubble File
  • Easy To Use In Confined Locations


Utility Patent #8,898,921

Story Behind the Invention

IInventor David Adorno of Oviedo, FL has designed a tape measure with multiple enhanced features.

 One of the most common tools found in toolboxes of contractors and do-it-yourselfers is the tape measure. It is used in all stages of aproject, from the beginning planning stages through detailed design, construction, and final inspection. It provides extremely accurate measurements at a minimal cost. However, while most tape measures can take inside measurements, they typically rely on the somewhat inaccurate observation of the ruler markings as they exit the body of the enclosure. Such measurements can easily be 1/8 of an inch off or more. Even if such measurements could be accurately taken, tape measure placement is critical to ensure square and level measurements at perpendicular locations. This often forces the user to carry alevel and a square, thus taking up additional space in their toolbox. Inventor Adorno has created a means by which extremely accurate measurements can be taken both easily and at a square and plumb position.

This clever new invention is a tape measure, level and square in one. The fold out arm makes it easy to use in confined locations. Italso features an integral bubble vial and auto-stop tape strip. Theuse of the Multi-Functional Measuring Tapeprovides for the functionality of a tape measure, asquare, and a level in an all-in-one tool which provides multipleenhancements over the individual parts.

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