Mounting Device for Smart Phones

The invention is a hands free smart phone/media pad holder.

  • Holds Device At Any Angle
  • Expandable Arm Has an Optional Light
  • Perfect For Use While Exercising Or Relaxing
  • Allows For A Privacy Curtain
  • Compact & Versatile
  • Charger On Back


Utility Patent #9,109,746

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sandy H. Boyd of Midland, TX has designed a hands free smart phone/media pad holder.

In the past when we wanted to watch a movie, read a book, or listen to music on our smart phone or media pad we had to hold the device in our hands. This is not only tiring, but ties up our hands so we can do nothing else. Also, depending on the amount of light and where it is coming from we would often have to tilt the device for better viewing. All of this quickly became a hassle, which meant we would often give up on what we were doing. Luckily, Inventor Boyd created a means by which we can use our smart phones and media pads in any environment, regardless of what we are doing, in a hands free manner.

This clever new invention holds a device at any angle for easy viewing. It is perfect for use while exercising or resting in a reclined position. It features an expandable arm with an optional light so that it can be used with devices that do not have backlights. Overall, it is compact, lightweight and versatile as it can be used on various electronic devices. The use of the Mounting Device for Smart Phones allows users to utilize their smart phone or media pad just about anywhere in a manner that is quicker, easier and more effective.

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