Mountable Timepiece for Hunting Weapon

The invention is a small timepiece that attaches to hunting bows and firearms.

  • Adheres With Hunting Regulations
  • Available In Analog Or Digital Configuration
  • Reduces Noises & Unnecessary Movement
  • Adds Minimal Weight to Weapon
  • Held By a Stretchable Rubber Strap


Utility Patent 8,475,035

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cindy Harrington of Geneseo, IL has designed a small watch that attaches to hunting bows and firearms.

There are a large number of hunting regulations that ensure the safety of the hunter as well preserve the animal species being hunted. An important regulation that is sometimes overlooked is that of appropriate hunting times during the day. Whether from certain hours or based upon dusk to dawn, hunters must make sure that they do not shoot their rifle, shotgun or fire their bow outside of these hours. Many resort to a wrist watch to ensure compliance. However, the constant checking of a wrist watch leads to excess movement, noise, and rustling that can scare the animals, leading to the loss of a great shot. Inventor Harrington has created a means by which hunters can be kept aware of the time without making noise or moving.

This clever new invention adheres with hunting regulations, while at the same time reducing noise and movement. The watch would be available in analog or digital configurations, and is held on the weapon by a stretchable rubber strap. Additionally, the watch adds minimal weight to the invention; therefore, not interfering with performance. The use of the Mountable Timepiece for Hunting Weapon provides hunters with an easy means to be aware of the current time.

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