Moulding Storage Box

The Moulding Storage Box is a storage box for leftover moulding that will eventually be used.

  • Stores Mouldings for Walls and Doorways
  • Helps Keep Materials in One Place and in Good Condition
  • Box is Provided with a Divider Down the Middle
  • Available in 3 Different Lengths to Fit in Various Work Trucks
  • Perfect for Floor Installers and Contractors


Design Patent #D786,554

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leonardo Reyes, a flooring installer from North Bergen, NJ has created a storage box for leftover moulding that will eventually be used.

Throughout 25 years of installing floors, Inventor Reyes could never seem to keep leftover moulding in good shape. He tried PVC pipes, vinyl tubes, and other means of storing the moulding. Nothing was successful. One day, he made a wooden box and designed it to fit his leftover moulding. This is when the idea for the Moulding Storage Box was born! With thin metal, hinges, and brackets on both ends, Inventor Reyes knows this product would be a great solution to a common problem!

This clever new invention stores mouldings for walls and doorways. It helps keep materials in one place and in good condition. The box is provided with a divider down the middle to separate the wall mouldings from the doorway mouldings. It is available in 3 different lengths to fit various work trucks. The Moulding Storage Box is prefect for floor installers and contractors. Act now!

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