Gas Nozzle Adapter for Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

The invention is an integral gasoline fuel tank fill portal for motorcycles that allows for complete filling of the tank.

  • Cylindrical Plastic Or Metal Form
  • Fits Surface Mounted Tanks
  • Reduces Escaping Gasoline Vapors
  • Forms Temporary Seal
  • Stores In Tank


Utility Patent # 8,910,677

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert Hazard Carpenter of Pasadena, CA has designed a gasoline fill portal for motorcycles.

In order to reduce atmospheric pollution, fumes displaced from filling a gas tank are often recovered. In order for the vapor recovery process to work, it is important that a seal be made between the shroud of the nozzle and the opening of the tank. This is typically easy to accomplish on automobiles with long fill necks, however is difficult on a motorcycle gasoline tank since the opening is on the surface of the vessel. As such, the nozzle must be pushed inside the tank body for the shroud to seal against the tank. However, the nozzle then senses the rising fuel during filling and shuts off the flow long before filling is complete. This means that the interval between tank fill ups and trip range is decreased. Inventor Carpenter has created a means by which the proper operation of vapor recovery nozzles on gasoline dispensers can be provided while still allowing the tank to be completely filled.

This clever new invention fits most surface mounted tanks, and can be made either in plastic or metal. It creates a temporary seal when filling up a tank, then easily stores in tank when not in use. With the invention in place escaping gasoline vapors are reduces and the tank gets full. The use of the Gas Nozzle Adapter for Motorcycle Fuel Tanks allows for the complete filling and physical protection of a motorcycle gas tank.
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