Mortuary Hairstyling Trolley

This invention is a dual-purpose mortuary / styling table to prepare the deceased for funeral services.

  • Elevates to Supine Position for Easy Styling
  • Removable Tray for Draining Fluids
  • Neck Supports and Straps for Easy Styling
  • Able to Hold Supplies and Tools
  • Supports Up To 400 Pounds


Utility Patent 8,484,779

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sonja L. Bradwell of Tallahassee, FL has developed a device to help make both the morticians and mortuary hairstylists job a bit easier.

There are many preparations that take place on the body of a deceased person in order to prepare it for viewing and subsequent internment. Along with the embalming process and the selection of clothes, jewelry, and makeup, the person's hair must also be styled. Great care must be taken in order to produce a look that is similar to the hairstyle the client had while living, yet still provides a natural appearance. Unfortunately, the act of washing, drying, cutting, and styling the hair is exceedingly difficult due to the horizontal nature of the client. Inventor Bradwell has created a means by which a body can be prepared and the hair can be more easily styled using the same piece of equipment.

This clever new invention can be used by morticians to assist in funeral preparations and is especially helpful due to its ability to elevate the deceased to a supine position for easy styling of hair. The invention includes a neck support and straps to secure the body, along with a table to told supplies and tools. In addition to use in funeral homes, the invention can be used in health care facilities to wash the hair of older patients. Finally, the invention is durable so that it can hold up to 400 pounds. The use of the Mortuary Hairstyling Trolley allows for a simpler and more effective means of preparing the deceased.

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