Modular Landscape Trough

The invention is designed as a protective moat-like barrier which is filled with water. This unique design is placed around your garden and will protect against slugs and snails without harsh chemicals.

  • Interconnecting Plastic U-ShapedChannels
  • Inserted Into Ground AroundPlanting Area
  • Pieces Snap Together with QuickRelease Fittings
  • No Need to Use Pesticides
  • Can Be Placed Around Flowers &Vegetables


Design Patent #D745,643

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard N. Rowton of Myrtle Creek, OR has designed a protective moat-like barrier that can be placed around a garden or planting area to protect against pests.

Planting and caring for plant life is a task enjoyed by many. Watching a garden develop, while watering, fertilizing, and pruning is a simple pleasure. Recent technological advances in tilling, fertilizing, and hybrid development have made it almost a foolproof task for anyone to have a beautiful and healthy garden. However, grubs such as slugs and snails remain ready to wipe out such beauty in a manner of hours. Many resort to traps to combat such pests, but their effectiveness is often limited. Others resort to the use of chemicals, which may also work, but are toxic in nature. Inventor Rowton has created a means by which plants can be protected from slugs, snails and similar pests without the disadvantages described above.

This clever new invention is made up of interconnecting plastic U-shaped channels, which can be inserted into the ground around a garden or planting area. The multiple pieces easily snap together with quick release fittings. With the invention in place there is no longer a need to use harmful pesticides or traps. The use of the Modular Landscape Trough allows for the easy protection of plants, vegetables, flowers and the like.

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