Modular Inflatable Display System

The invention is an inflatable scene that is intended for use outdoors.

  • Unique Decorative Holiday Item
  • One Common Base Unit
  • Figures Illuminated from Within
  • Blower System for Each Figure
  • Areas on Base to Add Additional Figures
  • Removable Dome for Snowy Weather


Utility Patent #8,635,794

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Jerry W. Thigpen & Renee M. Thigpen announce their invention known as the Modular Inflatable Display System.

Inventors Thigpen developed this clever innovation, which is an inflatable nativity scene that is intended for use outdoors. The entire display and individual elements are made up of inflatable fabric. Each inflatable item is interconnected by a common base in which one large, continuously-operating blower is used to keep the entire display inflated. The invention is kept in place by a series of straps that connect the display to a series of ground stakes placed around the perimeter of the stable. Finally, each item is provided with an interior mounted lighting system that illuminates each item independently from within. The use of the Modular Inflatable Display System provides a means to quickly and easily exhibit a large nativity scene at almost any location.

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