Modular Chair Mat

This invention is a modular floor protection mat with an aesthetically pleasing design for home and office applications.

  • Perimeter Lip Prevents Roll Off 
  • Protects Underlying Floor Surfaces 
  • Jigsaw-Like Connection Scheme 
  • Parts Can Be Replaced 
  • Various Designs to Enhance Room Decor


Utility Patent #8,071,186

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Martha Quimby of Washington, PA has designed a modular floor mat with an aesthetically pleasing design for home and office applications.

As the usage of computers has proliferated in recent years, so has the use of rolling office chairs.  While such chairs roll easily on hard tile or wood surfaces they are extremely difficult to roll when used on carpeted surfaces.  As such, many users resort to the use of hard plastic chair mats to facilitate rolling, as well as to protect the floor surface.  Unfortunately, the visual appearance of such floor mats leaves much to be desired.  They are not durable or aesthetically appealing, and clash with the rooms decorative elements.  Additionally, the mats currently available are large and often difficult to store and move.  Inventor Quimby has created a means by which the protective features of office chair floor mats can be provided without the aforementioned disadvantages.

This clever new invention has a perimeter lip that prevents a chair with wheels from rolling off, and also protects the underlying floor surface.  The mats various pieces connect together like a jigsaw puzzle, which allows for easy disablement and replacement.  The invention would be made available in various designs to enhance room dcor.   The use of the Modular Chair Mat allows for protection of flooring surfaces without the aesthetically unappealing appearance of conventional methods.
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