Modular Candlestick Holder

A unique and interchangeable way to display candles.

  • Three Interchangeable Pieces
  • Top, Base, Decorative Element & Stems
  • Pieces Screw Together
  • Sold as Kit for Mix & Match Entertaining
  • Various Seasonal, Event or Decorative Design Options


Design Patent #D774,218

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patricia W. Imperial of Raleigh, NC has designed a means to create unique and different candlesticks for every occasion.

Interior decorating incorporates a wide variety of styles, borrowing ideas from cultures across the globe in order to achieve a unique, signature style for the home or space being decorated. For those who are on the cutting edge of modern interior decorating practices, they know all too well that interior design is susceptible to the same type of trends as those experienced in the fashion world. These decorating themes extend to accessory items such as objects placed on tables, cabinets, and furniture. In response to this constant evolution, interior designers and manufacturers of interior design articles are constantly in need of new and innovative ideas. Inventor Imperial has created a unique interior decorating accessory that is sure to be the next big hit.

This clever new invention features three interchangeable pieces, including a top, base and decorative stem. The pieces screw together quickly and easily, so they can be changed often to represent holidays and other events. The use of the Modular Candlestick Holder provides a unique candle holder that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also cost effective and saves space.

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