Modular Beverage Transport System

The invention is a durable and stackable ring into which tapered cups, mugs, thermoses and other containers can be inserted and easily transported using one hand.

  • Thick Tapered Sleeve
  • Provides Support for To-Go Cup(s) & Other Containers
  • Various Configurations to Carry Multiple Cups
  • Non-Slip Reduces Chance of Spilling
  • Makes It Easier To Carry Other Objects & Open Doors


Utility Patent 8,544,915

Story Behind the Invention

Many people cannot start their day without a cup of their favorite hot beverage. These beverages are commonly distributed in paper cups that are often too hot to hold. While cardboard sleeves are frequently provided to help protect the user from the heat, they offer no additional help when transporting the beverage from the place of purchase to the place of consumption. Thus, the user must be very careful when opening doors, getting in and out of vehicles, or carrying the drink along with other items. Transporting one beverage proves difficult while two or more cups is almost impossible, even with a tray system. Spilled drinks, strained clothing, ruined vehicle interiors, and burns can result. Inventor Winkler has created a system by which multiple cups of hot or cold beverages can easily be transported without hassle.
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