Mobile Advertising Docking Station

The Mobile Advertising Docking Station securely cradles your phone for an easier shopping experience.

  • Easily Attaches To Handle of Standard Shopping Cart, Rental Bike, Fitness Equipment
  • Mobile Device Slides into Stand and Locks into Place
  • Offers Hands-Free Operation
  • Easy Access to Shopping Lists, Price Comparison Applications, Nutritional Information, Satellite Maps, and More
  • Could Be Spun Around and Used By Children in Shopping Cart Seat as Entertainment


Utility Patent #9,840,264

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chad R. Johnson of Ellensburg, WA has created a device that securely attaches your phone to a shopping cart or rental bike.

Mobile devices are often used while shopping. However, many find it difficult to hold a mobile device while also trying to push a cart. It is especially difficult when the cart is full. Some people may even drop their mobile device, causing costly damage. Its true that phones can be stored in a pocket or purse, but this is inconvenient and wastes valuable time. Inventor Johnson does a lot of cooking and shopping for his family and used to find it frustrating when hed lose his page whenever hed put his phone down. This is when his idea for the Mobile Advertising Docking Station was born. He knew it would also be great for rental bikes for use with satellite maps.

This clever new invention easily attaches to the handle of a shopping cart or rental bike. The mobile device slides into the stand and locks into place. It offers hands-free operation. A hole has been created for a padlock. Now users will have easy access to shopping lists, price comparison applications, nutritional information, satellite maps, and more. The device could also be spun around and used by children in a shopping cart seat as entertainment. The flat surface areas of the invention can be used for displaying printed advertising material that may help you save money on your favorite product or find a new restaurant. Act now!

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