Mist-er Lounge

Mist-er Lounge is a floating, inflatable lounge chair with misting capabilities.

  • Must-Have for Pools, Lakes, and More
  • Great Way to Relax
  • Mist is Activated by Switch
  • Easy to Use
  • Various Colors and Styles Available


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kenneth M. Green, Sr., a product developer from Enid, OK has created a floating, inflatable lounge chair with misting capabilities.

Many people enjoy floating around in a pool or other body of water. Its extremely relaxing and makes for the perfect summer day. However, eventually the sun becomes too hot and one must slip off their lounger or raft into the pool in an effort to cool off. And it truly is an effort! Many people have difficulty getting back on the chair in the middle of the water, forcing a trip to the side of the pool or back to the shore. As a pool owner, Inventor Green realized how nice it would be to wet his drying skin without having to get off his lounge. Thats when his idea for Mist-er Lounge was born!

This clever new invention is a must-have for pools, lakes, and more! Mist is simply activated by a switch. The mist can be turned on and off as needed or left off completely allowing the invention to function as a conventional inflatable lounge chair. Various colors and styles are available. Now users can remain wet at all times without having to get into the water. Relaxation just got easier! Act now!

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