Mid-Point Indicator Lace

The Reinforced Laces for Footwear is a lace including a stitched or printed center point indicator to enable a user to locate the center point thereof.

  • Quick Re-lacing
  • Saves Time and Frustration
  • Perfectly Even Lacing
  • Branding Opportunity at Midpoint
  • Especially Helpful with Lacing Hockey Skates


Design Patent #D727,009, Utility Patent #9,770,068

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Adam A. Aleshka and Blake G. Forsyth of Winnipeg, MB have created an apparatus that allows a user certainty that there will be the same amount of lace on both sides of the top eyelet to secure a tight and proper tie.

When lacing skates such as ice skates or roller skates, where it is imperative that the ends of the lace are equidistant, it is important to locate the center point. This enables the user to evenly thread the lace through the eyelets and then subsequently tie the lace together. For a professional hockey player or figure skater, quick and timely replacement of a skate lace is essential, and must be done properly every time. For those on a more amateur level, skates often need to be laced tighter and the majority of the time the laces have been laced unevenly. Children frequently struggle with inserting laces and the struggle continues when parents are unfamiliar with the sport and equipment. Inventors Aleshka and Forsyth have created a product that conveniently takes the guesswork out of lacing skates, other footwear, or climbers ropes.

This clever new invention is extremely helpful when lacing skates. It shows the exact mid-point of the lace. This allows for quick re-lacing. A branding opportunity is available at the mid-point. It provides a licensed manufacturer a competitive advantage. The apparatus also saves time and frustration. The use of the Mid-Point Indicator Lace makes lacing quick and easy!

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