Mevel – The Masonry Level

Mevel - The Masonry Level integrates measuring into a level!

  • 2 Tools in 1
  • 48” Level Features Horizontal and Plumb Levels
  • Standard Inch Markings
  • Mortar Joint Space Markings
  • Handle Cutouts for Easy Carrying


Design Patent #D762,499

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dennis Jackson, a mason from Louisville, MS has created a new tool that integrates measuring into a level.

Have you ever reached a building site only to realize youve forgotten your measuring tool? Now, a level and measuring tape have become Mevel - The Masonry Level. All you need is the level! Not only is this one less item that needs lugged around with your tools, but the invention saves time and effort, too. As a mason, Inventor Jackson knew a product like this was missing from the marketplace.

This clever new invention is 2 tools in 1! This 48 level features horizontal and plumb levels. It also has standard inch markings and mortar joint space markings. Handle cutouts make it easy to carry. This is truly a must-have masonry tool! For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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