Massaging Footwear

Inventors Edvin B. Szabo and Sandra A. Szabo of Pompano Beach, FL have developed a style of footwear to provide massage for the feet while being worn.

  • Relieves Sore Feet
  • Massages Feet While Standing Or Walking
  • Strategically Placed Ridges Stimulate Reflexology Points
  • Reduces Stress & Strain
  • Aids In Relaxation


Utility Patent 8,615,905

Story Behind the Invention

The science of reflexology is based on the belief that various points on the sole of a persons foot correspond directly to certain internal organs or body systems of the person. As such, direct stimulation of these points on the foot will result in an overall health improvement to the corresponding body organ or area. These specialized massages are conducted by trained individuals to provide an overall feeling of comfort and relaxation, as well as improvement to the corresponding body areas. While such traditional medical techniques are generally popular, many people lack the time or comfort level to seek out such treatment. Inventors Szabo have created a simple way for feet to be massaged without requiring an appointment.

This clever new invention uses strategically placed ridges in the sole to stimulate reflexology points and relieve sore feet. The user simply has to wear the invention in order to massage feet while either standing or walking. While being worn, the invention reduces stress and strain and aids in relaxation. The use of the Massaging Footwear provides a relaxing massage to ones feet anywhere and at any time.

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