Battery Operated Massage And Soap Dispensing Wand

The invention massages & cleans those hard to reach places.

  • Massage Heads Are Interchangeable And Removable
  • Provided With A Long Handle
  • Controlled By A On/Off Switch
  • Soap Can Be Refilled Via Removable Cap
  • Powered By Replaceable Batteries


Design Patent #D703,825

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cliff Barrett of Amherst, TX has designed an apparatus to aid in the application of soap as well as aid in washing and massaging ones body.

The age-old problems associated with the washing of ones back have never really been solved. Long-handled scrub brushes have been used in the past, but they are often difficult to use and ineffective. Also, the application of soap when using a brush is difficult. Liquid-type soaps help somewhat with this problem, but still require the separate application of the soap to the area of the body being washed. All of these extra steps require additional time to perform. Additionally, the elderly or physically disabled have an even greater problem in that they cannot reach various portions of their body in addition to their back area, due to limited dexterity. Inventor Barrett has created a means by which an individual can quickly and easily wash and massage their entire body without being hindered by the inability to reach certain areas of the body.

This clever new invention is provided with a long handle, and controlled by an on and off switch. It can be filled with soap via a removable cap, and the massage heads are both interchangeable and removable. The invention would be powered by batteries. The use of the Battery Operated Massage and Soap Dispensing Wand will ensure both efficient and effective access to the back and other hard-to-reach body.

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