Youth Training Device for Martial Arts

The invention is a martial arts youth training aid that improves kicking & punching techniques.

  • Promotes Eye, Feet & Hand Coordination
  • Ideal for Training without an Opponent
  • Provided with a Timer & Punch/Kick Counter
  • Improves Hand & Foot Speed
  • Launches Foam/Nerf Balls



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David Michael Scheidt of Valdez, AK has created a martial arts youth training aid that improves kicking and punching techniques.

Participation in various types of martial arts has remained popular for most of the recorded history of mankind. The pure exhilaration of engaging in such activities is something that many people cannot resist. As with any type of sport, to become proficient in martial arts takes a lifetime of practice. Many begin training at a very young age where participants do not have long attention spans. Actions that are repeated over and over again quickly become tiring and boring. When one instructor must deal with keeping the attention of numerous children or toddlers, mayhem quickly results. Inventor Scheidt has created a means by which a training aid for martial arts can keep the attention and enthusiasm of multiple young children.

This clever new invention promotes eye, feet, and hand coordination. It is ideal for training without an opponent. It is provided with a timer and punch/kick counter. It improves hand and foot speed. It launches foam or Nerf balls. The use of the Youth Training Device for Martial Arts provides for training of young martial students in a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but fun and attention-getting as well.

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