Marking and indicating means for emergency personnel

The invention is a self-illuminating plastic safety pen formarking structures during search and rescue operations.

  • Uses Self-Luminescent Ink 
  •  Bend & Shake Activation 
  •  Wide-Tip Applicator 
  •  Glows Up To 12 Hours 
  •  Ideal for Firefighters

Story Behind the Invention

InventorJohn David Schumacher of Sergeant Bluff, IAhas created a self-illuminating plastic safety pen, which is to be used formarking structures during search and rescue operations.

One of the mostcritical tasks that firemen perform during a structure fire is that of checkingthe structure for occupants.  However,mistakes may occur due to the unfamiliar environment and the stress of thesituation. Often during a routine check,rooms may be omitted or even checked twice.  Usually, each room is marked using a marker or spray paint, but thesetypes of indicators are difficult to see in low light conditions. Inventor Schumacherhas developed a means by which emergency personnel can easily mark objects andmaterials so that they remain visible in low or no light conditions.

This clevernew invention is used by bending and shaking the cylindrical container, whichcreates a chemical reaction that produces a self-illuminating ink. The container is then squeezed to release theink onto the wide-tip applicator.  Theink will glow up to twelve hours once released. The invention is ideal for firefighters, who would use the indicator to markchecked areas after a structure fire.  Theuse of the Marking and Indicating Means forEmergency Personnel provides the ability to mark any surface andhave it be seen by others in inferior light situations.

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