Marinade Injection Systems

Inventor Rex Adams of AZ has conceived a dynamic and disposable marinade injection bag for squeeze-dispensing sauces into steaks, chops and other meats.

  • Innovative injector bag for injecting marinade and other sauces into ones favorite meat
  • Easy to use and designed for one-time use for repeat consumers
  • Environmentally friendly to dispose
  • "Grab and Go" style packaging with hanging shelf display
  • Gusseted free-standing bag with an easy to activate injector needle
  • Safer and less intimidating than syringe needles currently on the market


IP Status: Patent pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rex Adams of Tempe, AZ has cleverly conceived and designed an innovative injection pouch for squeeze-dispensing marinade and other sauces into ones favorite meat!

Rex owns an auto repair shop in Tempe AZ. When he's not working on hot rods and classic cars, he'll likely be found riding his motorcycle around the Arizona freeways or grilling up some wild game. Rex, an outdoorsman, considers himself a barbecue connoisseur.

One day Rex was getting ready to prepare a mountain lion roast and he thought to himself "what we really need is a squeeze bag with an injector needle for injecting marinade into dry meats". He initially envisioned a CapriSun squeeze bag filled with marinade and an integral injector needle for squeeze-injecting marinade. And that is how Marinade Injection Systems was born.

Rex has teamed up with Ed Wold, a patent agent and a mechanical engineer, and Jeffrey Herman, an attorney who concentrates in intellectual property, for protecting and developing a patent-pending line of marinade injector bags.

The advantages of Marinade Injection Systems™ are tremendous and we are excited to work with marinade and sauce companies and distributors to combine our novel squeeze-injection bag with delicious mouth watering sauces to give consumers a "Grab and Go" and easy-to-use-and-dispose injector bag they've all been waiting for.

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