Manhole Cover Adapter

The Manhole Cover Adapter is a manhole cover frame system with integral height-adapting technology.

  • System is Designed to Move Up And Down with Frost Heaving
  • No Costly Manhole Cover Adjustment or Manhole Rebuild
  • For Use with Water, Sewer, Electric, Communication Manholes, and Water Catch Basins
  • Allows Our Roads to be Safe
  • Saves Time, Money, and Prevents Accidents
  • Ideal for All Surfaces


Utility Patent #8,905,870

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nathan W. Kember of Summerside, PE has created a manhole cover frame system with integral height-adapting technology.

Drivers and pedestrians must put up with manhole covers which sink down or stand out of the pavement surface. The only other alternative is a complete manhole cover overhaul, which is costly and time-consuming. Inventor Kember has created a means by which manhole covers and their frames can be self-adjusted to ground height to accommodate various activities.

Manhole and catch basin cover frames are set flush with the paving surface to allow for the passage of vehicles and people. However, when frost sets in, it often pushes the manhole cover up on one side, causing unlevel surfaces. This action happens between the grade ring and the manhole base. Heavy vehicles then travel over the cover and crack the grade ring, causing it to eventually crumble, which causes a sink hole on the road. This can happen in the spring, summer, and fall seasons, making it dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles. The Manhole Cover Adapter allows the frost to lift the cover in a guided function. Cover wings, installed between pavement layers, carry the weight opposed to the manhole base during frost. The system returns to regular formation from season to season.

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