Magnetic Tile Assembly

This invention is a metal backing plate which provides attachment of wall tiles or fiberglass bath and shower enclosures that have a magnetic backing.

  • Magnet Allows for Easy Relocation
  • Ideal for Bathroom/Kitchen Locations
  • Beneficial on Uneven Wall Surfaces
  • Great for Hanging Mirrors
  • Steel Plate Attached with Adhesive

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christopher G. Woodward of Tacoma, WA has developed a system and method by which wall tiles are provided with magnetic backing.

Suction cups are frequently used to hold small mirrors, shelves, and other small objects in bathroom and kitchen locations. They provide a handy, non-permanent means of attaching various objects. However, suction cups require that the surface be completely flat and smooth to allow for an airtight connection. Even so, many suction cups will lose their suction over time and fail, causing the device to fall to the floor with often disastrous results that impact one's safety. Magnets, however, are stronger and longer lasting than suction cups and also allow objects to be easily moved around. Inventor Woodward has created a system for installing tile walls that allows magnetic objects to be attached the wall.

This clever new invention is installed similar to conventional wall tiles, but with the added step of placing specially designed ferromagnetic mesh between the adhesive and the tile. The invention is particularly beneficial for uneven wall surfaces where suction cups may not work. It is great for hanging mirrors and ideal for use in bathroom and kitchen areas. The Magnetic Tile Assembly provides a quick and easy way to add a temporary magnet style attachment means on almost any kitchen or bathroom surface.

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