Magnetic Handcuffs

The Magnetic Handcuffs are designed to allow the wearer to easily escape, should the wearer become uncomfortable.

  • Provides Escapable Restraint
  • Various Strength Options
  • Does Not Pinch The Skin
  • Takes Seconds To Remove
  • Used By Any Age


Design Patent #D721,858

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andrew John Haigh of Massapequa Park, NY has designed a pair of easily escapable handcuffs.

The novelty item industry is a multibillion dollar global industry that is continually growing as more and more products are developed and introduced to the buying public. This industry is somewhat unique in the sense that it is highly susceptible to trendy products or fads. When a product achieves a certain level of popularity in society, demand can skyrocket in the blink of an eye. One aspect of this industry that is particularly popular is that of buying unique and amusing gifts for couples, either as a gag or for personal use. Inventor Haigh has created one a unique novelty item that will be sure to be a big hit with couples everywhere.

This clever new invention provides for an escapable restraint for safe play. It would be made available in different magnet strengths, and would have a soft outer layer for added user comfort. These handcuffs do not pinch the users skin, and take seconds to remove. The use of the Magnetic Handcuffs provides a safe and fun way to use handcuffs in a manner that is quick, easy and effective

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