Luminescent Golf Ball Recharging System

The invention isa golf ball carrier used for transporting and recharging photo luminescent golfballs.

  • Easily Carried Inside Of Golf Bag 
  •  Controlled By Exterior Mounted Switch 
  •  Uses Multiple LED Lamps 
  •  Ideal for Playing At Night 
  •  Saves Money On Lost Balls


Utility Patent 8,403,517

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Randy Eric Cox and Randall A. Vayo of Cincinnati, OH have developeda way to keep glow-in-the-dark golf balls fully charged and ready for use.

Photoluminescent golf balls are seeingincreased usage on golf courses across the country, allowing golfers to golflater in the day and even into dusk and nighttime hours.  Their self-luminescent qualities provide an eye-catchingeffect as the ball travels through the air, as well as providing the usefulfunction of allowing golfers to easily find a golf ball when it lands.  However, for these golf balls to operate at theirbest they must be fully recharged by placing them in a direct brightlight.  Ironically, it is the lack ofthis bright light as the reason why golfers are using them in the first place.   Inventors Coxand Vayo have created a golf ball storage device which allows the ballsto be easily and completely recharged right up to the point of use.

This clever new invention is idealfor playing at night or cloudy days with its multiple LED lamps.  The lamps are controlled by an exteriormounted switch and can be run with either rechargeable or disposable 9V batterypower.  The invention can be easilycarried inside a golf bag with its compact size.  In addition, the invention will save moneythat is usually spent on lost balls.  Theuse of the Luminescent Golf Ball Recharging Systemensures that photoluminescent golf balls will be lit at the brightest levelpossible, no matter the ambient light levels.

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