Lower Body Golf Training Aid

The invention is a golf training aid that helps golfers hit the ball more solid, and promotes a more consistent flight of the ball.

  • Helps Maintain Proper Posture throughout the Swing
  • Promotes Proper Hip Movement
  • Eliminates Sliding & Swaying
  • Illustrates & Promotes Consistent Ball Position
  • Teaches Proper Swing Path


Utility Patent # 8,784,229

Story Behind the Invention

The game of golf has become one the most technologically advanced sports in the world today. Experts in science and physics have combined state of the art materials with ergonomic and aerodynamic principles in order to produce golf clubs and golf balls that produce more accurate and consistently longer golf shots. However, even with all of this technology, people still have difficulty in mastering the basics of the game. One of these basics is the ability to keep ones body in the correct position throughout the entire swing. The torso and waist of many golfers moves about haphazardly. This movement then causes the rest of the body to compensate, thus resulting in haphazard swings that are inconsistent. While various coaching methods exist to help combat this condition, it remains a problem for many golfers. Inventor McCullough has created a means to improve the above issues in order to produce a better golf game.

This clever new invention helps a golfer maintain proper posture throughout the swing while promoting proper hip movement. Additionally, sliding and swaying during the swing can be reduced and possibly eliminated. Finally, the invention illustrates and promotes a more consistent ball landing. The use of the Lower Body Golf Training Aid helps golfers in developing a better golf swing in a quick, easy, and effective manner.

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